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People in CNY want MORE...
... More Health
... More Happiness
... More Fulfillment!

with Dr. Kaushal Nanavati &
Lisa Cavallaro
Saturday, November 15

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Why THRiVEcny?

Growing numbers of Central New Yorkers have jumped on the greater health bandwagon and more are on the verge.  We see them everywhere: running, jogging, biking and walking in streets and parks; joining yoga classes and gyms; and buying home fitness equipment, to name just a few.
The demand for THRiVEcny seems obvious!
People in CNY want more—more control over their own health and happiness and an even greater sense of fulfillment.
CNY-ers are making lifestyle changes and using an integrative medical approach to
achieve greater health.

People of the CNY community are challenging themselves like never before and what’s really great is that they’re meeting and often exceeding these challenges!
THRiVEcny is a free publication geared toward this increasing population.  Whether readers want a healthy spin on fitness, relationships, self-care, or entertainment, THRiVEcny is the resource they’re searching for!

Wendy Meyerson of Natur-Tyme has this to say...
As a locally-owned independent retailer in the CNY area, I am solicited daily from every media outlet possible to advertise! It is difficult to filter through the many opportunities. We know that advertising is good for our business, but whether it is an effective and affordable value is the real challenge!
When I was approached by THRIVEcny I was skeptical. Another new regional magazine – really? However, I took the leap because I believe in the content and philosophy of the magazine.  And, I am pleasantly surprised to report that the coupon return rate of our ad has exceeded all of my expectations! New customers have found Natur-Tyme!
Way to go THRIVEcny!  Keep up the good work!

Others are talking too...

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"I have read your second issue (finished last night) and love it just as much as the first. Your magazine is informative,up to the minute, easy to read and understand and so uplifting. I'm sure, so many of us need this shot in the arm for our self esteem and outlook toward the future as you promote and encourage. I also like the "look" of it: it's not too busy or overwhelming, but rather, has a clean, attractive look without looking pretentious. Please, keep up the good work!"
- Johanna Kohler



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