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You are meant to thrive!

lisa cavallaroHi! I’m Lisa Cavallaro and I love breaking rules. You know the kind of rules I mean. You probably have them too... the ones inside our heads that go something like: “You can’t do this,” “You’re not good/smart/educated enough for that,” “Only other people can achieve those things.” Blah, blah, blah!
After years of holding back and following these idiotic rules, I wondered what would happen if I broke a few. So I did, and much to my delight, life got better. 
You might be at that same point and maybe that’s why you’re here. If so, I can tell you that those rules are a bunch of baloney! For the last seven years I have been on a quest, and lucky for me, my pursuit to become a happier and healthier person has evolved into a business where I get to share what I’ve learned with people who want it too.

I work with men, women and teens whose greatest challenges are similar to my own:
  • Teens who want more than the stress, anxiety and pressure they currently feel
  • Adults who want more too... only they've been wanting it even longer!
  • And people who would like to lose weight naturally and permanently 
Basically… I believe that things can always get better.
My favorite professor in grad school said I was going to make a terrific solution-focused therapist and she was half right. I’m more coach than therapist, but I am definitely solution focused!
I don’t see any upside to dwelling on “what is.” To me, it makes more sense to shine a light on what could be.
I like playing around with how I think about things and seeing how I can influence the results I get just by changing my thoughts about it. Amazingly enough…
When thoughts change, things begin to thrive!
What I’ve learned from working with adults and teens is that we all want pretty much the same thing. We want to be happy and live in healthy, vibrant bodies. We want exciting experiences and beautiful things in life and we want great people to share them with. What’s really awesome is that no matter how close we are to having these things right now, as we change our thoughts, we get closer and closer.
If new thought and rule-breaking ideas are what you’re looking for, I think you’ll find them in the boxes to the right, including links to seventeen issues of THRiVEcny magazine and the blog. And if you’re ready for more hands-on, there’s a link in the Upcoming Events box to information on our THRiVE Talk workshops.
You ARE meant to thrive! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you need ideas, support and encouragement along the way, that’s some of what I do best... and I would be honored to be your Coach. Together we'll have fun as YOU break some rules too! (Feel free to email me whenever you're ready.)
"Life coaching is in Lisa Cavallaro's blood. Like all natural coaches, she just can't help being interested in other people's stories and is devoted to helping make those stories more interesting, fulfilling, and joyful. If you ever doubt your own capacity to create a wonderful life, do yourself a favor and try leaning on Lisa for a while--she'll open your eyes to possibilities you've barely glimpsed. She'll be at least as committed to your personal growth and happiness as you are, and she has the tools, skills, and enthusiasm to help you work wonders."
~ Dr. Martha Beck



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