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Two Simple Steps to Exercising at Home

I often land in conversations regarding regular exercising… not the kind that trains for races, or is designed strictly for weight loss purposes… but a lifelong exercise plan.
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What I Love About Central New York

There are several moments in life in which you consider leaving where you are and starting somewhere new. I’ve had to think about this a lot (pre-college and post-college), and I must admit, there were certainly times, mostly during the winter, when I wanted to throw in the towel and move south, but then I was reminded of why I love Central New York.

I specifically remember sitting down to dinner with my cousin and her fiancé who were preparing to move from Florida to Syracuse. Their excitement initially baffled me, until I realized that Central New York really is a great place to live. If I could choose 10 things that make Central NY a wonderful place, these would be my picks (in no particular order):
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Almost Sucked in by Exceptional Marketing

Walking up and down our grocery store aisles these days can be quite a treat for the eyes. What with all the beautiful fancy colors and shapes of the packaging – not to mention the right buzz words and images plastered across each side. I have to admit that I’ve bought products purely because the packaging appealed to me and not so much because of what was inside.
It almost happened again yesterday – but I caught myself!
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Are You A Lapper or a Life-Liner?

Have you ever asked how someone’s day was going and the response began, “Well, it was going great until…“ And then it continues on about something that someone else did… or something that happened that ruined the person’s day?
Human instinct makes us want to listen to their story and agree with them that they have every right to be feeling what they’re feeling – instead of feeling better!
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Dr. Nanavati's First Pillar of Wellness: Nutrition -- Keep it Simple!

One of the most common questions I am asked is, “What should I be eating?” My feeling is that food should be flavorful and fun while also being healthy. After all, this is the fuel we provide our body. Food is used for celebrations, gatherings, ceremonies, and many of us plan our vacations around food!
Below is a summary of healthy eating recommendations. Try to spread your food out over 4-6 meals per day. They can be any combination of breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner, and an evening snack (though try not to eat within a couple of hours of bedtime).
  1. Vegetables: 7-9 servings of vegetables daily.
This sounds like a daunting task but if you have a decent sized salad for lunch and dinner, you’ve already got 5-6 servings. Then if you snack on some carrot sticks, broccoli, cucumbers or the like, then you can easily get to 7 or more servings. Avoid creamy salad dressings. Instead, try using lemon or lime along with a dash of black pepper and a dash of salt or salt substitute. This tastes really good with steamed broccoli or corn.
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