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One Good Reason to Hop Off That Bench

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So who among us doesn't have goals and dream of breaking barriers?

I mean, we all want something we don't yet have.

I don't know about you, but when I really want something I can think of a million reasons why I don't have it yet.

One of them is that I don't know how... I need someone to show me the HOW part.

A guy named Brandon Todd blows my theory right out of the water. 

Guess this ball is in MY court now! enlightened


Please Don't Tell...

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Menu... check!
Dessert... check!
Guests... check!
Gluten-free options... check!
Seating... hmmm... not check!

It used to be that seating the kids at their own table gave us a chance to have some "adult" conversation.

But now I don't want adult conversation!
I want to converse with the kids!

The "kids" at our house this Thanksgiving range from 9 to 28 years old and they're all really cool people.

I like watching and listening to them.
I like laughing hysterically with them.
I want in on their fun!

Hmmm... maybe this year we'll do a lottery system for the seating.

Yep... and I might even rig it. :)


Where to Next?

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Experts say it's a good idea to start the college search early. So I suppose the fact that most applications are due January 1, while we're still doing college visits (2 last week), could mean one of two things: We're just eleventh-hour people... or We're enjoying this process for as long as we possibly can! How fun it was walking the Syracuse University campus in Friday afternoon's snowfall! Parents and students in our group from New Jersey, Manhattan and Philly got a good taste of what Syracuse winters are like... and Dina and I (although absolutely freezing!) got to see even more of this beautiful campus that, who knows, maybe she'll even attend!

Someone PLEASE Pinch Me!

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I'm so excited I can barely handle it!
Dr. Kaushal Nanavati and I had an idea months ago and it's finally happening! 

I Ate ALL of Your Halloween Candy!

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Some may think this is torture, but I wish I thought of this when my own kids were little!
Jimmy Kimmel suggests that after a night of trick-or-treating, we tell our kids we ate all of their Halloween candy.

Win-Win Parenting

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You know when you’re having one of those parent/child moments that feel so familiar?

It's Not About the Brains!

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Now this guy gets it! Patrick Lencioni, who wrote the article, Why You Shouldn't Worry about Being Smart in Inc. Magazine makes a terrific point! It's a quick and easy read so there's no point in me summarizing.

Exercise for the Feeling!

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As you might imagine, sneaking in some mother/daughter talk time with a high school senior who dances until 10pm is no easy task. So I texted Dina yesterday: “Tomorrow is Dina’s Picks on the blog.  Tell me, when you’ve had AN AWESOME WORKOUT, what is it about the workout that makes it awesome?”

Royals, Giants & Kids

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As a Yankee fan, I didn’t even realize the World Series is about to begin… that is until I heard this morning that radio stations in San Francisco have announced they will not be playing Lorde’s song “Royals” because its title is the name of San Francisco Giants’ opponent, the Kansas City Royals.

Proof ANY Kid Can Eat Healthy

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When it comes to eating, this third kid of mine is the polar opposite of me when I was her age. Not only does she like healthy food… she actually prefers it.

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