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I Ate ALL of Your Halloween Candy!

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Some may think this is torture, but I wish I thought of this when my own kids were little!

Jimmy Kimmel suggests that after a night of trick-or-treating, we tell our kids we ate all of their Halloween candy.

Aren't these kids funny?!


Win-Win Parenting

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You know when you’re having one of those parent/child moments that feel so familiar?
The two of you disagree on something.
The more you disagree, the worse it feels.
The worse it feels, the more tempting it is to say something you know you’ll regret later.

Well, I got some practice on this one yesterday. Even though I'd been working on it for years, I was feeling the test. All the old buttons were being pushed and I could feel the temptation to verbally explode. 

Happy to report it did not happen.

Rather than slip into an old familiar pattern, I remained calm and mostly listened.
Hmmm... how much easier would parenting have been if I’d consistently practiced this sooner?
Oh well… the coulda, woulda, shoulda’s of then can’t help me now.
I’m just glad I finally got it… and I love when our disagreements end with hugs, rather than insults.
More than getting them to agree, I want the discussion to remain calm.
I want them to feel heard and I want to feel good!

Deep, proud exhale... it's what I call win-win parenting!


It's Not About the Brains!

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Now this guy gets it! Patrick Lencioni, who wrote the article, Why You Shouldn't Worry about Being Smart in Inc. Magazine makes a terrific point! It's a quick and easy read so there's no point in me summarizing.

Exercise for the Feeling!

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As you might imagine, sneaking in some mother/daughter talk time with a high school senior who dances until 10pm is no easy task. So I texted Dina yesterday: “Tomorrow is Dina’s Picks on the blog.  Tell me, when you’ve had AN AWESOME WORKOUT, what is it about the workout that makes it awesome?”

Royals, Giants & Kids

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As a Yankee fan, I didn’t even realize the World Series is about to begin… that is until I heard this morning that radio stations in San Francisco have announced they will not be playing Lorde’s song “Royals” because its title is the name of San Francisco Giants’ opponent, the Kansas City Royals.

Proof ANY Kid Can Eat Healthy

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When it comes to eating, this third kid of mine is the polar opposite of me when I was her age. Not only does she like healthy food… she actually prefers it.

Whatever it Takes

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Over twenty years ago, I bought my husband a sign to hang in his office. The sign read: “Do whatever it takes” and it was perfect for his wall since those were the exact words we spoke to our sales staff regarding any sales opportunities that came up.

Same THRiVE, Same Spin, New Twist!

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Greetings friends! It seems like forever since my last blog post and I’m excited to finally let you in on what’s been going on.

In the Summertime...

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It’s finally here! The glorious weather of Summer is upon us and as promised, here are some of my favorite summer activities.

Just Keep Growing

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As someone who is new to homeownership, I’m very curious as to how my fiancé and I can landscape our property to make it even more like “home.” I’ve always appreciated the beauty flowers can bring, the lushness of green plants, and the delicious taste of home-grown vegetables, however I have no experience with getting from point A to point B when it comes to having my own garden.

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