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"I have read your second issue (finished last night) and love it just as much as the first. Your magazine is informative,up to the minute, easy to read and understand and so uplifting. I'm sure, so many of us need this shot in the arm for our self esteem and outlook toward the future as you promote and encourage. I also like the "look" of it: it's not too busy or overwhelming, but rather, has a clean, attractive look without looking pretentious. Please, keep up the good work!"

- Johanna Kohler

"Congrats on your first edition! I read it cover to cover and WOW nice job!"

- Paula Behm

"I absolutely LOVE your magazine! I think I have read it cover to cover which is rare for me!"

- Sheila Applegate

"I am so thrilled to see the launch of your new venture/ magazine! I first heard of it on the local news and I think it is just what our community (and really the nation) needs – a straightforward, no gimmick approach to health education for the general population. Your inaugural edition is fantastic, and I am certain you must be receiving rave reviews."

- Kelli LaPage

"Just got your first edition for Thrive CNY, and wanted to say, outstanding job! The magazine looks terrific, and your article on His Holiness was fantastic. "

- Keith Kobland

"I am so enthused with your magazine that I carry 2 extra to share everywhere I go! It is beautifully done, well laid out, colorful and so full of great energy! Thank you so very much for bringing this to us! It is a rich and wonderful tool for growth, awareness and insight!"

- Betty Redfield

" I am an RN who is very interested in integrative medicine, enough that I have taken a few courses on it. I can tell you that I will be picking up your magazine when I see it and will definitely utilize some of your sponsors. "

- Terry Sporato

"Just finished reading cover to, this magazine rocks! There's so much info in it! "

- Anne Palazzoli

"I enjoyed reading your 1st edition. Job well done. Look forward to reading future publications."

- Ray Meiner

"I was taking a little lunch break and started reading the magazine. I just had to tell you....I AM BLOWN AWAY! it is amazing! Keep 'em coming."

- Adele Cole-Brown

"Just picked up a copy of THRiVEcny & checked it out cover to cover. I think you folks are on to and fitness. mind, Body and Soul. "

- Gary Podsiedlik

"I just finished reading your premiere issue and found myself saying "Really"? out loud! informative, motivational and to the point- LOVE IT!! "

- Lisa Miller

"Congratulations are definitely in order on the birth of Thrive!
You both must be so pleased with the success of your fabulous new magazine! The first two issues were fantastic! I can not wait for the next month’s issue to be released!!!
May God continue to bless you both with good health, great ideas & many years of success!!!!! "

- Vicki Kelly

"I LOVE health & wellness information!
I LOVE what you are sharing with the CNY community!

- Chris Museums

"I think Thrive CNY has a beautiful layout, the colors are very warm and inviting… very serene and draw you into the magazine. And, best of all the stories are interesting and I have enjoyed reading it over the past couple of months. Good Luck."

- Bethann Kistner

"I truly believe that what you've created is a much needed and incredibly informative

- Heather O'Brien

"Your publication is just great. I like how it encompasses all aspects of the human condition. This appears to be a well thought out magazine with something for every one. Best of luck to your group and keep up the excellent work.

- Jim Ayers

"THRiVEcny is a very educational yet easy read. I am learning about businesses, agencies, services and resources in the community that I wasn't aware of. "

- Barbara Wicks